24 hours on a coach

We had a memorable trip to Strasbourg on the coach. Starting out at 5pm yesterday, we arrived in Strasbourg at 5pm tonight after an exhausting 24 hour journey! There was lots of sleeping on the bus (in very interesting positions), plenty of Burger King and some funny French films along the way. Of course, we took some photographic evidence!

When we finally arrived, everyone was looking forward to a hot shower and our rooms and the hostel are brillant. Our first meal was also a huge success with chicken, omelettes, quiche and calamari on offer.

We then met at 8pm and developed our own funny sketches in French and Spanish. We had to imagine meeting one another again 20 years in the future. We created some hilarious stories. Some people had even stayed in Strasbourg for 20 years as they simply couldn’t face the journey back to Scotland on the bus! Some of us had won the lottery, and some of us were astronauts.

Then we headed out to see the city by night for the first time. We saw some of Strasbourg’s main tourist sites including the cathedral and place Kléber. Kara gave us lots of information about everything we saw too. There was even a rendition of the Marseillaise by Carolyn and Maryse and a story about some upside down trees. 

By 10pm, we were back at the hostel as everyone is exhausted after the journey. We have so much in store for tomorrow and we can’t wait to see more of the beautiful city.


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