Challenges, Filming and Master Chef

We welcomed some S1 pupils from Mearns Castle High School this morning for their two-day French camp. We started the day with some team-building activities so that we could get to know everyone better and so that the pupils could introduce themselves to one another too. We played ‘ninja’, got hit by the giant ‘frite’ and used toilet paper in a new way!

Then we split into our teams to take part in the Fort Boyard challenges completely in French. We had to get our team through the spider web and a blind obstacle course, find hidden words and answer number riddles. We won coins and the winning group managed to get 8! Bravo!

After lunch, we got into our groups to create our film trailers. We had to choose a film and develop a trailer in French. We had so many characters walking about the outdoor centre today – from Shrek and Minions to Homer Simpson and Groot. The finished productions look absolutely amazing!

After some delicious French cuisine for dinner (coq au vin or ratatouille) we had our Master Chef evening. We started with a blind taste test where we had to guess what we were eating to win points for our Master Chef teams. The final taste test was snails! Nous adorons les escargots!

Then it was time for the invention test! We had to cook two courses using our given ingredients and we were really creative. We even had to present our dishes to the judges in French too. Well done to the winning team who created two outstanding dishes!

We’ve had a super day and we can’t wait until tomorrow for more French fun!