Outdoor Games and Egg-streme Challenges

Barassie Primary School arrived this morning to join us on their 4-day French and Spanish camp. When they arrived on the bus, we showed everyone to their rooms and then got started with our foreign language team-building games. We had to tell people about ourselves using toilet paper, be ninjas and even transport balls using only tubes. We worked really well as a team!

After some sandwiches for lunch, we had some free time and then did some more team-building activities. We had to complete obstacle courses, ski on dry land and even get our team through spider webs!

Then it was time for everyone’s favourite team game – capture the flag. We had ‘équipe France’ and ‘équipe Ecosse’ competing against one another. Each team had amazing chants in French and the game was full of action. In the end, the French team were victorious.

Then we had our Fort Boyard challenge. The campers had a map to navigate around the site and find the logic and physical challenges to win coins. The challenges involved solving riddles, working as a team to lift blocks from the toxic circle and even find hidden words for our crossword.

We had various pasta dishes for dinner, and even the chance to try snails! Then it was time to do our egg-streme games. We had to complete quiz rounds and play mini games to win points. The games were really silly like wrapping each other up as mummies, sticking post-it notes to our faces and getting jaffa cakes from our foreheads into our mouths!

The winning team won the most equipment to protect their egg. Everyone was busy planning and making their egg parachutes and protections. The finished designs look great and we will be testing how effective they are tomorrow! If the eggs survive, the campers get to break them over the head of a mentor!

Everyone is now in bed and relaxing before another action-packed day at language camp tomorrow! We have lots of fun in store. À demain!

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  1. Nicola McClure (drews mum)

    Looking great guys. Glad you are all having a fab time. Really good to see how you are all getting on

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