European Cookery and Clan Wars

This morning we learned all about food and recipes in our lessons and then headed to the kitchen to make our very own instructional cookery videos in our foreign languages. The French group made ‘tarte aux pommes’, the Spanish group make ‘crema catalana’, the German group made Käsekuchen and the English group made scones.

We had an afternoon tea for lunch and then began our Clan Wars. We split into two teams and came up with our clan names and designed t-shirts and a flag. They looked amazing and the games began!

We headed to the playing fields and began with some races. Then we had a tug of war, won by Clan Marvel, and a game of Capture the Flag. It was very competitive, very fast and a great way to spend our last afternoon at camp!

We had Schnitzel for dinner and then got ready for our ‘glow’ party. We had some ceilidh dancing, some limbo, some crazy balloon activities and of course, lots of dancing. We ended the evening by watching all the videos we created and the photos of the camp. We also received our camp certificates and t-shirts.

There were lots of tears to end the evening and there is still lots of talking in the bedrooms tonight. We will be so sad to say goodbye to everyone tomorrow but we hope to see all our International Camp campers back again next year!

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