Wakeboarding, Inflatables and a Zombie Apocalypse.

This morning’s lesson was all about animations and cartoons. We watched some extracts and answered questions and even had an animated movie quiz. For the project section of the morning, we even developed scripts for our very own animations.

Then we headed on the train to the water sports centre at Loch Lomond with our picnic lunches and got our wetsuits and lifejackets on, ready for our ringo ride or wakeboarding.

We headed out on the water! Everyone was super impressive and we took lots of photos and videos on the GoPro. Some of the campers were absolutely amazing at wakeboarding and some even got going on their first try!

After some chicken pie for dinner, we had our zombie night. The mentors were the zombies and had hidden secret items throughout the forest. The campers had to find them and return to base without getting caught by a zombie.

It was lots of fun and Nina was the fastest zombie we’ve ever seen! We even managed to scare a few dog walkers!

Now we are exhausted after so much activity and we are looking forward to our last full day at camp tomorrow.


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