Challenges in the City

Today was excursion day! We got up and headed straight to Edinburgh to visit the city. We had our lessons on the train which were all about visiting a city and the city of Edinburgh.

When we arrived, we started our City Treasure Hunt. We had to answer questions that took us all over the city and complete silly challenges like photo bombing tourists, getting autographs from street performers, interview tourists, swapping up a cereal bar and fitting as many people as possible inside a phone box. Marcus managed to swap his cereal bar up to a caricature of himself and another group got a whole block of gourmet fudge!

Then we went for a small walk up part of Arthur’s Seat to get a nice view across the city. When the rain started though, we headed back down.

Then everyone got some free-time to do some souvenir shopping and visit some museums or Harry Potter sites.

We had some fish and chips for dinner before we headed back on the train and we didn’t get back until 9 o’clock! We are now just relaxing, playing some (heated) games and drinking some tea. Everyone is enjoying a little bit of down time before we begin again with lots of activity tomorrow.


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