Team-building and Vinegar Pasta

Today we welcomed our Week 2 International campers. We spent the day playing games and waiting for everyone to arrive. Some of the campers took a little walk down to the town of Helensburgh and there were lots of different board games on the go.

When everyone arrived, we played some games to get to know one another better. We played name roulette, lowered a magical stick to the ground, played an unusual game of knots and crosses and crossed a swamp with a limited number of hands, knees and feet. We were even challenged to draw portraits of one another with just 5 seconds at each person. The finished results were certainly interesting!

After lasagne for dinner, we had our Master Chef evening. It was an invention test and we had to create two courses for the judges. There were certainly some interesting creations, including vinegar cheesy pasta, but on the whole, they were delicious! Everyone had to present their dishes in their foreign languages too and we were really impressed with all the vocabulary they had learned!

The winners were Marisa, Annabelle and Sophia with their delicious rice dish and amazing wafer and strawberry dessert.

We have so much more in store tomorrow with our first super busy full day at camp! À demain! ¡Hasta mañana! Bis Morgen!


  1. Suzie MacLeod

    Wow, packed with activities. Kids look so happy and so much learning evident.

    Abigail home and never stopped talking for 90 minutes. She has had a ball, learned so much and made some international friends.

    Thanks for having her.

    • We loved having Abigail at camp and we’re delighted she had fun. It has been so quiet on camp without them today and we are so glad they continue to love learning French. Merci d’être venue Abigail!

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