Visiting the city

Today we started with lessons all about food, visiting a city and talking in the past. We learned abut traditional foods here in Scotland in the countries where the languages we are learning are spoken.  We also looked at Glasgow which we would visit in the afternoon and what we could so there as well as what there is to do in our own towns.

After croque monsieur for lunch, we headed into Glasgow on the train. First we had a guided tour of Glasgow City Chambers which was very impressive and very interesting. We even sat in the Lord Provost’s seat and danced in the ballroom.

Then we visited the Merchant City festival which had food available from all over the world. We were challenged to find as many languages as we could and some of us bought some great food that reminded us of home or tried something new.

We had some free time and explored the city a little before heading back to the camp for some fish and chips for dinner. Delicious!

This evening we went to the sports centre and started the night with some dodgeball. We played lots of different types and there were balls flying everywhere. Then we could choose between badminton and football. There was a very intense boys vs girls badminton rally and the girls can out on top! In football, it was a very competitive game.

We’ve had yet another busy day and everyone is very tired. It’s our last full day of camp tomorrow and we can’t wait!

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