Swimming in the loch

This morning’s language lessons focused on adventure sports and learning how to introduce a tourist destination in our foreign languages. We did a country quiz and talked about the conditional tense and what we ‘would and could’ do on a holiday destination. We also prepared the scripts for our Loch Lomond tourist videos which we filmed the footage for on our afternoon excursion.

We headed back to the camp, picked up our picnics and headed for the train to Ardlui where we took part in our water sports. We got our wetsuits and buoyancy aids on and headed to the loch. We chose between kayaking and paddle boarding and followed the route up river. We all got very wet and spent more time in the water than on our boats. It was lots of fun and we were all exhausted after so much paddling!

When we arrived back, we started up the BBQ and we enjoyed burgers, sausages, halloumi cheese and chicken kebabs. Of course, there were marshmallows for dessert too!

This evening it was quiz night and we were working in multilingual teams. There was a geography round, a film round, a logic round and even a language round. The winning team was ‘Inglaterra ist ma ville’ who won the prize of putting water over Thomas’ head! Poor Thomas!

Everyone is very tired after so much activity so we are all heading for an early night this evening. Bonne nuit! ¡Buenas noches! Gute Nacht!

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