Filming and Flags

We started today with our first language lessons. This morning, we were talking all about films. We watched trailers in the foreign language, looked at film reviews and learned about how to describe different types of films in our foreign languages. Then we started working on our very own French/Spanish/German scripts.

After soup for lunch, we had some free time and played outdoors in the sun.

Then we got in costume and filmed our trailers. The German group filmed their trailer ‘Der Prinz von Schloss Neuschwanstein’, the French group filmed a parody of Beauty and the Beast called ‘Banane et Gorille’ and the Spanish group made a trailer about their superhero films using lots of cellotape. The campers looked fantastic – especially Nelly the CocoPop monkey!

Then it was Capture the Flag time in the sun! We were really fast, and really competitive. Alex was just too fast and team France won twice.

For dinner, we had some delicious French beef stew and gratin dauphinois. Then we had to plan our bake-off creations. We had a budget and headed to the supermarket to buy our ingredients. We headed to the kitchen and made our creative cakes for the judges under the theme of summer camp.

The judges were incredibly impressed by the finished cakes and the presentations to go along with them in the foreign languages. It was a close call but the winning team was the fabulous capture the flag cake.

We have lots more action in store for tomorrow!

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