Kicking off International Camp

Today we saw our camper arrive at airports and train stations all over Scotland to join International Camp.

Before dinner, we had some team building games so we could get to know one another better before the week ahead. We had to lift wood as a team using our word crane, beat Thomas the blind ninja, cross a toxic swamp with a very evil crocodile, pass a stick over an ever growing river and get our whole team through the rope spider web.

We had macaroni cheese and garlic bread for dinner and Magnum ice creams for dessert.

Then it was time to work as a team in the mentor vs camper games. We had to catch cheesy wotsits with a shaving foam shower cap, transport toilet rolls using a stick, take part in lacrosse and water relay races, get Jaffa cakes from our foreheads to our mouthes and even eat donuts from a string!

In the end, the campers won and got to throw water balloons at the mentors. Kara got pretty wet!

Now we’re having a bit of relaxed time before we head to bed. We are looking forward to starting our language programme tomorrow with lots of exciting challenges in store!

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