A day in the Wild West

Today was the first day of our Wild West theme and after a delicious breakfast of pain au chocolat, we made some fantastic native American headdresses. We looked amazing!

Then it was time for our Wild West games. We herded balloon cattle, knocked down the tins with a water pistol and chased Thomas the donkey to steal his tail.

After our lesson all about farm animals, we made a Stop Motion animation and wrote our script for the voiceover in French or English. It’s a fantastic film which features a demon sheep and pigs turning into bacon. A true blockbuster!

After baked potatoes for lunch, we headed into the forest to build our native American teepee. We tested to see how waterproof it was too and we didn’t get too wet when Kara threw a bucket of water over it.

Then we learned how to safely make our own fires and we made bread dough and cooked it over the fire. It was delicious. Délicieux!

After crêpes for dinner, we had our Wild West wild games where we completed Mhairi’s challenges. We put tooth picks in cucumbers to make cacti, built brides in the desert, dressed up as cowboy characters, get kit-kats from our foreheads into our mouths and we even had a lacrosse race – a game invented by native Americans and named by the French!

We are all super exhausted tonight after such action-packed days. We fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. We are looking forward to seeing our parents tomorrow too! À demain!

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