Spy Training at Launch Camp

This morning we welcomed this year’s campers to our detective themed Launch Camp.

We started the day by creating our Detective ID badges and playing some detective warm-up games so that we got to know one another better. We learned lots of French, Italian and English words along the way.

Throughout the camp we are winning clues to help us rescue Thomas’ favourite cuddly today, George, who is missing. We had our first language lessons where we learned about all of the rooms of the house to help us work out where we can find him. Then we did a spy challenge outdoors where we had to hide and sneak in the forest in our special game of hide and seek.

After our lunch, we had a clue hunt where we had to use our language skills to complete challenges and win clues. We had to guide one another through obstacle courses while blindfolded, cross word fields and colour a Picasso masterpiece using a foreign language key. We were all amazing and we won all of the clues!

Then we had another lesson and this time, we learned all about time to find out when George went missing. We played lots of games to help us remember all the words too!

Then it was time for our forest game where we had to complete the James Bond challenges in the forest without being caught by a mentor. We had to find the water gun so that we could spray them too! We were fearsome warriors!

After a delicious lasagne dinner, we had our Master Chef activity. To begin, we had to use our detective skills to work out what international food we were tasting in the blind taste test. We had to try mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, salami and even olives and pain au chocolat.

The group with the most points got to choose the tray for their Master Chef invention test first. Each group had to produce two courses that they gave to the judges to try. The winning group at the end of the evening were awarded the coveted Master Chef golden wooden spoons.

We are all now tucked up in bed and ready for another busy day tomorrow!

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