Youtube and The Crystal Maze

This morning we had our first language lessons of the week. We learned who our teachers would be and headed into our groups. We looked at Youtube videos in the foreign language, talked about which types of videos there are and even wrote scripts for our very own Youtube viral videos.

After pizza for lunch, we filmed our videos. The French group make an amazing makeover video, the Spanish group made a video called ‘5 maneras de despertarse’, ‘5 ways to get up in the morning’ and the German/English group made a crazy challenge video involving some disgusting sandwiches.

Then it was time for the Crystal Maze. We had to find the mentors who were hidden all over the building and complete their challenges. They had to solves riddles, build boats, knock things down with tights on our heads and even build totem poles! We won coloured balls for completing them which we later traded in for coloured powders.

Then we headed to the forest for the final. Each team had to find their base flag and the colour battle began, throwing powder to colour the bases in our colours.

The green team were the winners! After dinner, we headed to the sports hall for sports choice. Campers could choose between badminton, short tennis and football. It was certainly an active evening!

We are exhausted after another busy and we are looking forward to our Edinburgh challenges tomorrow!

Singing, hiking and celebrating

In this morning’s lesson we were talking all about music. We learned about instruments, types of music, idioms and rhyming as well as listening to songs from France, Spain and Germany. We then set about writing our own lyrics in the foreign language to a well-known chart song. The finished songs were very catchy!

After lunch, we recorded the music videos to go along with our films. The Spanish group have a brilliant Bruno Mars cover while the French group went for a Queen classic – We Will Rock You.

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Visiting the city

Today we started with lessons all about food, visiting a city and talking in the past. We learned abut traditional foods here in Scotland in the countries where the languages we are learning are spoken.  We also looked at Glasgow which we would visit in the afternoon and what we could so there as well as what there is to do in our own towns.

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