Camouflage and midges

This morning we started the day with some delicious waffles for breakfast. Since the weather forecast was so terrible for the afternoon, we decided to do our adventure activities this morning instead.

We started the day with a game of ‘camouflage’ and we headed into the forest for our big game of hide and seek. We were really fast.


Then we were challenged to build waterproof shelters in the forest which would fit our whole group. There were lots of midges but we persevered and created some outstanding structures. We tested how waterproof they were with some buckets of water and some of us got a little wet!
Then we had our Fort Boyard challenge. We had to rotate around lots of challenges while working as a team and use our language skills. We had to navigate obstacle courses blindfolded carrying jugs of water, recreated Van Gogh’s paintings, solve number riddles and lift wooden blocks using ropes. We really impressed our mentors with our language skills!
After some lovely soup for lunch, we had our language lessons. We took part in one of the projects we didn’t do yesterday so we created outstanding French superheroes, amazing French interview shows starring James Bond or delicious cooking shows showing how to make ‘polvorones’.
After our (rained-off) barbecue dinner, we had our Hawaiian party. We had limbo, a photo booth and games with giant inflatables. We danced our socks off and were exhausted and warm by the end of the evening.
We can’t believe it’s the last night already. We’ll see you all back home tomorrow.

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