Games in the rain

We were so excited to welcome pupils from Kincaidston Primary this morning to our camp at Lapwing Lodge. As soon as everyone arrived, we headed to our dorms and heard all about the camp ahead.

It was then time to play some games to work as a team and to help our mentors could get to know us better. We were ninjas, had to get past a blind samurai with a pool noodle, get a hula hoop around a circle without breaking the chain and even transport a tennis ball using tubes. There were lots of challenges.

After lunch we had some free time and the rain meant we could play in the sports hall or stay indoors and do some arts and crafts. There was even time for some origami.

Next, it was time for dodgeball. We had team chants in French and Spanish and played so many different versions of the game. We were super competitive and it was a great way to spend the start of the rainy afternoon.

Then we headed out on our team building activities. We had to ski over land, pass a ‘palo’ across the river, cross a toxic swamp and get our whole team through a spider web.

Towards the end of the afternoon, we began our game of Capture the Flag and it is already our favourite! We had great team tactics and played several games while the sun was out.

Just before dinner, we had our culture class. We made French landmarks using different materials – lego, newspaper or even straws. The winning teams created amazing structures.

We had lovely coq au vin for dinner tonight and ice cream for dessert. We had some free time after dinner to play some outside too.

This evening, we had our eggs-treme games. We had lots of mini challenges and quiz rounds involving films, music and even languages. We had to peel bananas with our feet, make mummies, stick post-it notes to peoples faces and get digestive biscuits from our foreheads to our mouths.

Finally, we used our points to get equipment to protect our egg which Kara threw from the upstairs window. One egg survived and Etaine’s group decided to break it on Kara’s head.

Everyone was disappointed when they smashed it and it was actually a confetti-filled egg. It was lucky for Kara though!

Everyone is now in bed and looking forward to a busy day tomorrow with lots of adventure and language learning. À demain!

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