Campfires and camp songs

After breakfast, we started our morning with some yoga as a warm-up and there was a little ‘ninja’ action too. It was a great way to start the day!

Then it was time for our morning projects. We each did a different project from the day before and were superheroes, chefs or celebrity film directors. We learned lots of French and Spanish along the way too.

After lunch, we headed out on adventure and survival activities. Like yesterday, our group was split into two. While some of us conquered the high ropes, hit the target in archery and followed the bike trails, others were making bread on the fire and building ‘waterproof’ dens in the forest. We had lots of fun!

After some lovely Mexican nachos and fajitas for dinner, it was time for our campfire. We had lots of marshmallows and Marin even wrote a song for us all about our favourite food – French onion soup. Then we performed some Scottish songs and even danced to the avocado song! Miss McCulloch was a great dancer too!

Then we got ready for bed and got comfortable to watch our film in French. There was lots of popcorn too.

We are now heading to bed and we can’t believe tomorrow is already our last full day at camp! It’s a good job we still have lots more adventure in store!


  1. Lindsey Sterlini

    wow looks like your having a fab time
    missing we miss you Mia,
    looking forward to hearing your stories

  2. Alannah cuthill

    Hey Rebecca and molly hope you are both having a fab time! Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures when you come home! Sophia and I miss you!!

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