Action, survival and golden wooden spoons

This morning started with pain au chocolat for breakfast and a morning warm-up to get us all moving. We danced some salsa and got ready for the exciting day ahead.

Then we headed to our project groups. Two groups learned about cooking in Spanish with Guayi and Ana and made delicious biscuits called ‘polvorones’. Two groups joined Romain and Alexandre in the superhero lesson where they created their own comic books in French and two groups joined Etaine and Marin and made their very own French celebrity chat show. There were lots of wonderful dressing-up costumes too!

This afternoon, half our group headed to do some adventure activities. We scaled the high-ropes course, hit the bulls eye in archery and made our way around the forest on the bike trail. We had lots of fun and our mentors were so impressed that everyone gave it a go!

The other half of the group worked on survival skills. We made fire and cooked bread on a stick and build fantastic waterproof shelters. We had to test them out to check they were waterproof with buckets of water!

This evening, it was Master Chef time which began with a taste test. We were blindfolded and we had to guess what the mystery French, Spanish or Scottish food by the taste. We were really adventurous as snails, French pâté and olives were on the menu!

Then we got a tray of invention test ingredients and we had to cook two courses for our teachers. They judged us on presentation, taste and our presentation of our dishes in French or Spanish. Our teachers were really impressed because they tasted pretty great! Marin’s group were the winners and won some beautiful golden wooden spoons!

We are all exhausted after so much activity today! We can’t wait for more action and adventure tomorrow.


  1. Mark Russell

    Well done everyone for getting involved in so many adventures and learning some great skills, I hope the ‘Escargot’ went down well 🐌 Weather forecast is looking promising, enjoy ! Mark (Olivia’s Dad) 😊

  2. Sharon Russell

    Looks fantastic, so much going on for everyone. Hope you’re having a fab time Olivia xx

  3. Shawn McHarg

    Looks like everyone is having an amazing adventure. The house is so quiet without you Karrie, Megan and I missing you xxx

  4. Laura Hill

    Looks like you’re all having great fun!! Can’t wait to hear all the stories on Friday. (Would love to see a photo of Mica!!) Love Mica’s Mum, Dad, Fifi & Leo xxxx

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