Pool noodles and confetti eggs!

We were delighted to welcome our campers from Ayr Grammar this morning and we started the day with a welcome from the Articulate team, met our mentors and heard all about the rules for the week.

We headed to our rooms and settled in before getting to know our mentors with lots of fun games   like ninja, the toilet paper game and ‘blind ninjas’ where our teachers got to hit us with pool noodles! They had great fun but so did we.

After lunch we had some free time where we played some football on the field, played frisbee and did some arts and crafts.

After lunch we had some challenging team-building activities. We skied on dry land, sneaked through the spider web, crossed a swamp and passed a baton across a river. We worked so well together!

Then it was time for Capture the Flag and dodgeball. All teams were so fast at capturing the flag and had great aim in dodgeball. We were exhausted after so much sport too!

This evening we had our eggs-treme games and had to complete mini challenges and answer questions to win points. We had to feed smarties to our mentors with a straw, make mummies, stick post-it notes on our faces and even peel bananas with our feet. The team with the most points won the most equipment to protect their raw egg.

Our egg parachutes were amazing engineering and we had great ideas.

Thomas threw our eggs with their parachutes from the roof and only one of our eggs survived. So, Etaine’s group got to choose a mentor and break it over their head! Amy got to choose a mentor  too as it is her birthday today. Alex and Marin were the unlucky mentors!

But…they were confetti eggs! Luckily for them, they are now just covered in glitter.

We are now all tucked up in bed and have another busy day in store tomorrow. À demain! ¡Hasta mañana!


  1. Lisa capstick

    Jamie, and all of you – certainly looks like you are having a fab time!!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s update!! Xx ENJOY

  2. Sandra

    Looks like the kids are Ayr Grammar are having fun!!!! Yasmin is my daughter and this blog is amazing to see what the kids are up to.

  3. Christine Warnock

    Fabulous to see the boys and girls having a great time…looks like it’s going to be a fun week enjoy every one xx

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