Confetti Eggs and Crazy Geese

This morning we started the day with a language project. We revised some grammar topics for our exams and then put what we learned into practice in our journalism projects. We had to write scripts reporting either a disastrous holiday or a disastrous interview.

We also had the chance to use the costumes and we looked absolutely amazing. We used the iPads to film and edit our news reports and the finished products look brilliant.

We then went on our adventure activities and took part in laser quest, archery, climbing or kayaking. In laser quest we were ‘protecting the president’ and Brice nearly lost his shoes in the mud. In kayaking, everyone was scared of the goose and in archery, Josh was struggling to hit the target. In climbing, nearly everyone made it to the top if the wall!

After a delicious Mexican dinner of fajitas, we had our camp quiz. There were lots of rounds including a music round, a digestive biscuit round, a movie round and a balloon animal round. The winners got the most material to protect the eggs that we dropped from the balcony. One managed to smash against the wall and three managed to survive. The winning teams could choose a mentor to break the egg on. Kara, Thomas and Mr Jordan were chosen but secretly, the eggs were confetti eggs and they ended up being covered in glitter instead of egg!

We finished the evening off with a campfire. There were plenty of marshmallows and even some multilingual singing.

We have all headed to bed now and ready for our last day tomorrow.

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