Spider Webs and Cottage Cheese

We were delighted to welcome senior pupils from St Luke’s High School today for their foreign language immersion camp and we have been doing activities in French, Spanish and Italian.

We started off with our packed lunches and then headed out on our Fort Boyard challenges. We had to get our team through spider webs, cross swamps, solve riddles and even transport water blindfolded. We even managed to do all that in the languages we are learning!

Then we moved into our accommodation here at Auchengillan Outdoor Centre and made our beds. We had French food for dinner – coq au vin or ratatouille and tarte aux pommes.

This evening, we started our activity with a taste test. We were blindfolded and had to identify what we were eating. From mozzarella to chorizo and baguette, there was lots to try.

Then we started cooking! We had a Master Chef invention test and we had to create two courses from our selection of ingredients. Our teachers had to be the judges and try what we created. Of course, we presented our dishes to them in the languages we are learning. There was a cottage cheese and chocolate raisin almond cake and a Coco Pop banana!

Now we’ve all headed to bed and we are ready to start an exciting day of language learning tomorrow!

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