Le défi de Strasbourg

This morning, we started the day with a delicious French breakfast and then learned all about our Strasbourg challenge – le défi de Strasbourg. The plan for today was to create a documentary in our groups in French to present the city of Strasbourg in a certain light.

We then headed out to la Petite France, Strasbourg’s old town, for a walking your. Some of the group presented the key places and told us a little about the history in French. It was a beautiful day!

We then headed with our teachers to a cafe to prepare our storyboards and scripts. We discussed our plans and wrote some of our French lines using as many tenses and subjunctives as possible! We had hot chocolates and tea too!

Then it was time to film. We headed out with our iPads to collect all our footage and photos and be creative in the city. We had lunch along the way to plan further with our groups. Some of us went all the way to the parliament for the ‘European documentary’ while others went from café to café tasting the food for their ‘gastronomy documentary’.

Then it was time to head back to the hotel to edit. We added voiceovers, music and titles too.

We then spent some time preparing for the parliament tomorrow and discussing our topics which we will debate tomorrow. We chose these topics before coming on the trip so this was a chance for us to share ideas and recap French vocabulary that we will need.

After a little break and some dinner, we headed to a café for our own language and Europe quiz. We had several rounds involving a geography round, a music round and a language round. The winners were équipe… We then got to watch our documentaries that we created during the day. It was really funny!

We are now off to bed early as we have an early start in the morning with our Euroscola day. Bonne nuit!

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