A European Day

We started our day early this morning with a delicious French breakfast. We then spent some time preparing our street surveys, our ‘sondages’, for the afternoon. We prepared to ask French people all about their knowledge of Scotland and their opinions on the European Union.

We then headed to Pont de l’Europe where we could walk over the bridge from France to Germany. It was great fun to stand in the middle of the bridge and be in two countries at the same time! We were so lucky that it was so sunny. Il y avait du soleil!

We then headed all the way over to Germany for lunch. Lots of us tried specialities from Germany and Thomas even taught us some German so we could order our lunch there.

After a tram ride, we headed into the city centre to conduct our surveys. Many French people were more than happy to stop to chat to us and it was really interesting.

It was then time to head to the parliament building for the first time to meet Catherine Stihler who is a Labour MEP. It was really interesting to hear from someone who, when she was elected, was the youngest ever UK member of European parliament. We asked her some questions about her role in the parliament and her opinions on some key issues.

Then we headed back for dinner at the hotel. There was lots on offer and it was delicious!

This evening we did some preparation for the parliament and prepared our questions in French that we want to ask the representatives on Friday on our Euroscola day. We talked in our groups and had lots of ideas.

We are now in a little café having a hot chocolate or a Coke before heading off to bed. It’s been a very busy day – une journée très chargée!

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