Le défi de Strasbourg

This morning, we started the day with a delicious French breakfast and then learned all about our Strasbourg challenge – le défi de Strasbourg. The plan for today was to create a documentary in our groups in French to present the city of Strasbourg in a certain light.

We then headed out to la Petite France, Strasbourg’s old town, for a walking your. Some of the group presented the key places and told us a little about the history in French. It was a beautiful day!

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A European Day

We started our day early this morning with a delicious French breakfast. We then spent some time preparing our street surveys, our ‘sondages’, for the afternoon. We prepared to ask French people all about their knowledge of Scotland and their opinions on the European Union.

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A day in Strasbourg

We are all delighted to have been selected for this Euroscola trip by Rotary International and it was so exciting to meet one another for the first time. We started the day nice and early, meeting at the airport at 8.45. We had a long day of travelling, starting with our first flight to Amsterdam.

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