A day in Strasbourg

We have all arrived safely in Strasbourg! We had a long, exhausting journey on the bus which lasted nearly 22 hours! However, there was lots of hilarity on the bus as we all got to know one another better and pupils shared jokes and music.


When we arrived, we checked into our great hostel, the Ciarus. We were welcomed and shown a video about the hostel and what we can do here. We were all so tired and thankful for some time to have a rest and get showered before we came down for our first activity.



We then had a little taste of French drama. We had to pretend that we were meeting those on the trip with us 20 years in the future. What are we doing then? What has happened since Euroscola? The sketches were hilarious and we laughed so much. Some pupils were working on the moon while others were married to famous sportsmen. What amazing imaginations.




Then we had our first taste of French food in the hostel with a delicious dinner and headed out for a night walk to explore the city. It is so beautiful lit up at night! Paul gave us a guided tour and told us a lot about the history of the city. We even heard about the legends surrounding the cathedral. We ended the evening in a little French cafe and there were plenty of delicious hot chocolates being enjoyed.


This morning we got up bright and early as we were visiting a school and left the hostel at 8.15. We prepared our street surveys in the bus and Maryse took us through the perfect French pronunciation.



We were welcomed to the school and immediately got chatting to the French pupils our age. They had prepared questions to ask us and we practised our street surveys with them. We all got on really well!





We showed the French pupils some Scottish culture by performing the Gay Gordons for them in the main hall of the school during their interval. We showed them all how to do it and then we asked them to join in and learn it with us. They did really well!


Then we got the opportunity to visit some classes. Some of us visited geography and history classes, some of us did philosophy and some of us even did economics, business management and literature. It was really interesting to see the differences in our school systems!


We had a delicious French school dinner with our new friends for lunch. Then we returned to the hostel to drop our things off and head into the town centre for our street survey. We asked French people all about their opinions on Scotland and Europe and it was really interesting to hear their points of view. There were some hilarious answers and some people didn’t even know where Scotland was!





Now we are having a little free time to see some more of the city and buy some souvenirs if we want. We have lots in store for this evening and can’t wait to see more of Strasbourg.

We’ll update you all some more tomorrow about our great week in Strasbourg. À demain!


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