Ahoy there!

Today our second Launch Camp kicked off with our arrivals. We started by playing some pirate themed team-building activities to get to know one another better. We even pitched a tent blindfolded on a desert island!




We had some language lessons all about pirate school and then we had a delicious French-themed lunch of Croque Monsieur. They were delicious!


This afternoon we were challenged to build ‘un bateau’ to sail on the lake. We worked really well as teams and our finished boats looked amazing!



Then we used all the language we learned in the morning to make our own puppet shows. We made our characters and then used them to say our French lines. The finished videos look great!


We had pirate treasure map pizzas for dinner and then headed outside for our undead pirate challenge. The campers had to complete missions in the forest without being caught by the evil pirates. It was challenging and lots of fun!


We ended the night with our traditional campfire with lots of songs and marshmallows.


Now everyone is bed and listening to bedtime stories. We need lots of energy for another action-packed day tomorrow!

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