Another magical Launch Camp day

This morning we got up nice and early and started our lessons. Today, we learned all about the rooms in the castle and made very old maps in French and in English.



Then we had the fairytale games where we had to compete against one another and use all our fairytale vocabulary. For example, an evil ‘sorcier’ glued our legs together!


After lunch we made our own fairytale comics using all the language we have learned over the past two days. We were so impressed by what the campers created. Wow!


Then we went on a quest to save the princess from the ogres. We had to complete all their challenges to get past them but we were really great at it and we won in the end by piecing together our dragon. Some of the challenges were tricky but we were really good at using our language skills and saving the day!




Then we said goodbye to our campers who were only staying for our two-day camp. We were so sad to say goodbye but some of our campers are staying for another two days. We started the evening off by creating papier mâché ‘licornes’ (unicorns) and ‘dragons’.


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