A fairytale day at Launch Camp

We enjoyed meeting all our new Launch campers at arrival this morning. We started out with some magical team building games to get to know one another better.


Then we got creative and our very own crowns while learning all the words for the royal family in the languages we are studying.


We had some language lessons to learn all about Arty’s royal family and how we can talk about our own families before we headed outside to play some fairytale games in our foreign languages. We were so fast that Thomas the dragon couldn’t catch us!



Then we built our own ‘château’ in the forest. We had to protect it against the water breathing dragon using things we could find in the forest and a little bit of cardboard but we still got a little bit wet. It was a really mean dragon!



Then we made our own photo stories using the language we learned in our lessons. They are so funny and creative and we got to dress up in silly ‘fairytale’ costumes.


We had another lesson all about homes for people in fairytales. After dinner, we had to complete lots of mini challenges against the mentors. Some of them were really disgusting like peeling a banana with your feet. We were so impressed by how easily the campers beat us and won all the points!




We ended the evening with a lovely campfire, some marshmallows and some singing. Lena and Tom even sang for us in Dutch and we shared some great songs with them too.


Everyone is now safely tucked up in bed and fast asleep. We need lots of energy for another day of adventure tomorrow!

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