Exploring Edinburgh

When we got up this morning, we were so excited to see the sun! We headed to the train where we had today’s language lesson on the long journey. Our campers coming from outside of Scotland were so excited to see the city!


When we arrived at midday, we headed to the Real Mary King’s Close to experience the underground tour. We saw the old city, a variety of houses and heard about the plague and plenty of ghost stories.



After lunch in the park, everyone had to option to go on a Harry Potter tour of Glasgow, visit the National Museum of Scotland or climb Arthur’s Seat. Since nobody wanted to venture up the hill, all campers went on the tour or to the museum. Eirian, one of our campers was an outstanding HP tour guide for us!






Then everyone had some free time to explore the city and buy some souvenirs. We met back at the park for some fish and chips for dinner.


We got back to the camp pretty late and lots of the campers were tired. In fact, there were lots of tired campers sleeping on the train before we even arrived back. The boys decided they wanted to play some football at the sports centre while the girls wanted to stay and watch a film. Everyone is exhausted after such a busy day. We are looking forward to tomorrow too!

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