Arrival day for week 2

This morning our campers staying for two weeks got to choose between going swimming and going to the cinema in an old church here in Helensburgh. They had a great time playing all our games in the pool and seeing The Secret Life of Pets.

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Our week 2 campers began arriving at lunchtime today and there were lots of games and sports while we were waiting for everyone to arrive.


Then we headed to the sports centre to play some games to get to know one another a bit better. We did lots of name games and games where we had to work as a team.




After dinner, we had our own Master Chef invention test competition. The campers all received a basket of ingredients and had to create at least two courses.





The campers had to present their creations and all the ingredients in the languages they are studying. We were super impressed with what they created. A huge well done to the ‘hot olives’ who were the winning team with their delicious gnocchi dish and Mars bar muesli balls.

We have another busy day planned for tomorrow and we are really looking forward to it!

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