A musical day at summer camp

This morning’s lessons focused on music and listening to songs in the foreign languages we are learning. Then we were challenged with rewriting a chart song with our own lyrics. It was lots of fun and there was so much creativity! We recorded our masterpieces after lunch.

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Then we put together our very own music videos to match our songs. There are some very interesting crisp love stories, a great Justin Bieber lookalike and some phenomenal animation!

Later in the afternoon, we took part in a graffiti art project and then had the choice between competitive sports or competitive board games. We take charades very seriously at Articulate!


This evening, it was time to party! We had some Hawaiian limbo, danced the conga and the Macarena and took part in challenges with the giant inflatables.


We then watched all the photos and videos from this week. We laughed so much and the media truly is among some of the best we’ve had in 4 years of Articulate camps. We are so proud of everyone. Most of our campers are staying for a second week but we are sadly saying by to Bartek tomorrow, our Mr Story. Good bye and thank you so much for joining us! Our week 2 campers will be joining us on Sunday!


Good night!

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