Inventive podcasting!

This morning’s language lessons focused on reporting the news and our project was to create a podcast report all about sightings of the Loch Ness monster in Helensburgh. We then took photos to accompany our amazing audio. The campers were very creative and the finished shows were amazing.


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After a delicious Spanish lunch of ‘montaditos’, we went to the forest and played a game called ‘camouflage’. The campers’ hide and seek skills were very impressive!


Then we built shelters in the forest that had to be waterproof. We even tested them out by throwing water on them.  They were really impressive.



Then we had a very active game of capture the flag, a camp favourite for us. It was a very competitive game and we were all exhausted by the end.


Tonight we had delicious nachos and fajitas for dinner and then headed to the sports centre for some dodgeball. We played so many different games, from Indiana Jones dodgeball to Quidditch.


Now we are all tucked up in bed and we’re looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!

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