Some arty Glasgow fun.

This morning’s lessons focused on cities and what there is to visit and see. Then we headed to Glasgow on the train to see some beautiful sights. We visited the cathedral and started off our street art challenge. We had to talk about what we thought of them in the languages we were learning.


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Then we had some free time in the city centre and then visited the West End’s botanical gardens. We then headed back to Helensburgh for some delicious fish and chips. We even got to try a deep fried Mars bar!


This evening we had a very competitive back-off. The campers had to come up with their own cakes around the theme of ‘all over the world’. The creations were incredible and Kelli and Bronya were a fantastic Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. We had everything from Polish apple jam to a German flag cake, a campfire chocolate cake and little hat cupcake people from all over the world.





Everyone is exhausted after so much action! We can’t to see what tomorrow has in store.


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