Une aventure dans la forêt.

This morning we started the day with pancakes for breakfast and then headed to our project groups to learn some more French. The campers learned all about asking questions in French and recorded some more fantastic podcasts in ‘les célébrités’ group.


In the film making group, ‘les cuisiniers’, the campers created storyboards and filmed some amazing crazy cookery shows. We loved their costumes and were impressed by their brilliant filming.

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‘Les super-héros’ were playing lots of superhero games and created some more amazing comic books. We were so impressed by everyone’s creativity. Bravo!



We had some delicious ‘croque monsieur’ for lunch. Then we headed outdoors on our afternoon adventure activities.

The survival group got the chance to protect their eggs by designing a parachute. We then tested them out when a mentor dropped them from the top floor of the building. Two eggs survived and we were really impressed.


Then we built our very own ‘maison’ in the forest and presented them to one another in French. We played camouflage in the forest and made bread on the fire.





The other group this afternoon was taking part in adventure activities. They went on a walk to the gorge, were mountain biking and swinging on the giant swing. There were archery classes and low ropes courses too. It was an afternoon full of adrenaline!





After some delicious cassoulet and omelette for dinner, we had a quiz night. There were music rounds, film rounds and even a round about our mentors. All the campers loved the music round. They were singing so loudly there was no need for the music!



Then everyone chose between extreme dodgeball and a film night. We had lots of games of dodgeball – including a Quidditch version! The film called ‘le Petit Nicolas’ was in French and was so funny! We had lots of popcorn too.


It was a busy day and we are really looking forward to all of tomorrow’s exciting activities.

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