Arrival at camp.

We made the journey this evening all the way from Dundee to Lendrick Muir. When we arrived, we were greeted by our mentors in French and were shown to our rooms for the next 5 days. The building is really cool!

Then we had a presentation all about the centre and met our mentors for the week. We played some games like ‘ninja’, zap and the toilet paper game where we had to tell our mentor lots about ourselves in French. Now our mentors know us really well!



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Then we had a tour of the building to see where everything is and then headed for dinner. It was a little late, but it was worth waiting for! Then we enjoyed the last of this evening’s sun with some ice cream outside.

We finished the evening with ‘egg-streme’ games. We had to compete in lots of mini challenges like peeling a banana with our feet, transporting smarties with a straw to our mentors’ mouths, remembering all the French words we know and even building ‘la Tour Eiffel’ with our bodies!




Tomorrow, we’ll use the points we earned tonight to get materials to protect our raw eggs. Then a mentor will drop the egg from a high height. If the egg survives, we get to break it over the head of one of our mentors. We are definitely going to put lots of effort into making our parachutes!

Now we are all tucked up in bed, ready for a day of adventure tomorrow!


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