Survival, kayaking and climbing.

We started today with an amazing Zumba workout led by Iñigo after a Spanish themed breakfast. We tried ‘pan con tomate’ which tasted great!

IMG_3678 (1)

Then we had our language projects. The Spanish cooking group were playing lots of funny food-themed games and cooked delicious pizzas for their lunch. They even created a cookery show to teach people how to make pizzas.

IMG_3683 (1)

IMG_3729 (1)

The pirate film-making group loved dressing up and there were some phenomenal superheroes created in the comic book project.

IMG_3736 (1)

IMG_3719 (1)

We are so impressed by how much and how quickly the campers are learning the foreign languages. Bravo! ¡Muy bien!

The afternoon was full of adventure and campers got the chance to take part in the activities they didn’t get to do yesterday – survival or adventure sport. While many were tackling obstacle courses and building dens, others were climbing and kayaking. There was probably more swimming than kayaking though!




Even with a sore ankle, no man was left behind on our survival obstacle course! That’s teamwork!


After an amazing Mexican-themed dinner of nachos, fajitas and chilli, we headed out for a campfire with lots of singing and marshmallows. Now we are all watching a brilliant French film called ‘le Petit Nicolas’. It’s so funny!


IMG_3981 (1)

Tomorrow is another jam-packed day. We just can’t wait!


  1. Claire Dorby

    Looks like you are having an amazing time! Wish I could be there with you. Love seeing all these photos – keep them coming!xx

  2. sandra

    This all looks fantastic. What great challenges and adventures … and you can’t beat a good marshmallow Georgia! mmm!

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