A snowy day in the wild west.

We started the day with games and our lessons were we learned all about farm animals and physical descriptions. It was lots of fun and we even got to make ‘Wanted’ posters for one anther with descriptions in the language we are learning. They look amazing and were so impressed.


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After lunch, we played lots of different versions of dodgeball which was so much fun! We were so exhausted at the end of our game.


Then it was time to take part in our cowboy sports day. We had wheelbarrow races, three-legged races and even a tug of war. It was great to see all the Scottish and French children working together as a team.




We then had the chance to learn some archery skills like native Americans. We were really good and quite a few campers managed to hit the bull’s eye. We also created some comics in the afternoon which brought together all the language we learned this week. We were blown away by the quality of everyone’s work.



We ended the night with a Scottish party – a ceilidh. Tristan eve came wearing his kilt! There was lots of laughter as we tried the traditional, and very very fun, Scottish dances. We also all received our certificates and our t-shirts to celebrate our time at camp.


We are so sad we’ll be leaving tomorrow. We really hope the French children will join us again next year as we loved spending time with them.

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