A truly magical day.

This morning, we started the day with our Harry Potter themed lessons. We learned all about the rooms at Hogwarts in the languages we are learning and all the places in the surroundings. We even played Pictionary and made Marauder’s Maps.


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We also headed outside and made our very own broomsticks from twigs that we found in the forest. They were so good, we could even fly on them!



Then we headed on the train to Glasgow. We took the subway to the West End where we visited Glasgow University’s amazing ‘Hogwarts’ building. We did a Harry Potter treasure hunt across the university grounds and then got the chance to buy some souvenirs. The boys even played football for a while in the park and we impressive managed to fit 6 people into a red telephone box.




Now everyone is really tired after a long day of magic! We are watching a film in English called ‘Minions’ and having some popcorn. It’s great to relax.


We have another busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

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