A delicious day cooking and baking.

We started the day with our lessons all about food. We played lots of culinary games which were really funny! We learned about following recipes and all the toppings we need for pizza. Then we designed and made our very own pizzas for lunch. We made films telling what toppings we were adding in the language we are learning. They were delicious!


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Then we went on an amazing treasure hunt. We had to first compete against the mentors and try to win points. Then we completed challenges all around the centre – from crossing swamps to solving riddles in French and English.



Then we made some fantastic chefs hats so we looked really professional. We then got ready to bake! The French children made British scones and the Scottish children made madeleines. Kara baked them quickly while we were writing our recipes and they were delicious.



Tonight we had a ‘bake-off’ where the campers designed cupcakes. They looked brilliant. Dayan even showed us his breakdancing at the end of the competition. We then had a taste test to try some Scottish foods while blindfolded. We tried everything from porridge to oatcakes. We finished the night off with a huge campfire.




We are already looking forward to our Harry Potter themed day tomorrow.

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