Amis Mots have arrived!

We welcomed our French campers from Amis Mots this afternoon at Glasgow airport. It was quite cold but at least it wasn’t raining!


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We arrived at the camp and we went on a tour of the centre. We played some fun team building activities and then relaxed with some games in the hall. We are all talking in English, of course!



After a delicious dinner of fajitas and salad and some cake for dessert, we played egg-streme games. We did lots of mini challenges. We made balloon animals, peeled oranges with our faces and transported sweets with straws into Celeste’s and Thomas’ mouths. We even had a game of ‘blow football’. Celeste even managed to get a Jaffa Cake into her mouth without using her hands.






We then used our points to get materials to build a boat for our egg. We worked hard designing and building our boats and both boats were very different in the end. We put them on the water and tried to get them to float and sail across the box. Both the eggs floated in their boats and the groups were allowed to smash them over Thomas’ head. We had lots of fun…but Thomas didn’t





Now we are all safety and happily in bed. We are ready to meet the Scottish children in the morning and have lots of fun on superhero day!

We can’t wait!

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