Podcasting, science, treasure hunts and discos.

We started the day with delicious porridge and a morning warm-up with Iñigo. Then we headed to our language groups to learn about adjectives. We used what we learned to make podcasts all about a Spanish or a Scottish city.


Morning warm-up with Iñigo.

After ‘traditional’ Scottish chip rolls, we decorated cupcakes for lunch.


Decorating cupcakes was lots of fun. They look delicious!

In the afternoon, we had a science project where we made ‘gloop’ and volcanoes. Then we had a treasure hunt where we had to beat the mentors, solve riddles and complete challenges.


The green gloop was everywhere!

This evening we had a really fun ceilidh and disco. There was lots of dancing and even a photo booth. It was so great to see everyone getting along together and sharing their love for music. The Macarena was an absolute favourite.


Looking great in the photo booth.


Having fun in the photo booth.


It’s disco time!

We have had such a great time this week and we are so sad that the Scottish campers will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. We are looking forward to celebrating everyone success at our presentation tomorrow and seeing all the media we created. A huge ‘muy bien’ to everyone who joined us this week.

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