A day of cooking, assault courses and flag capturing.

This morning we were learning about giving instructions and the Spanish campers made Hugh do some cartwheels and press-ups. The Scottish campers were writing recipes too! Then we joined together and we made some delicious Scottish shortbread. We even made videos to show how it is done!


Spanish lessons with Iñigo.


Filming their shortbread video.

After lunch, we headed outside. We took part in some amazing assault courses, camouflaged ourselves in the forrest and captured the other team’s flag in our giant games of capture the flag.


The first obstacle on our military assault course.


Protecting the flag in capture the flag.


Finding a good hiding spot in our game of camouflage.

Tonight, after a dinner of fajitas, chilli and our home-made shortbread for dessert, we had our very own casino. Lots of people lost all their money straight away and other people won lots!


Playing ‘Scabby Queen’ on Casino Night.

We’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning at breakfast.

Tomorrow will be sunny and we have lots of awesome outdoor activities planned. We can’t wait!

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