Capturing the flag and working as a team.

It’s the first day of Bucksburn Academy’s French camp and we have had a great time. The campers arrived around 11am and were welcomed with some pancakes and some name games so that our mentors could get to know everyone quickly. We even played a game involving toilet paper! It’s was so sunny that everyone enjoyed a little bit of free time outside too playing some sport.


Playing football in the sun.


A game of ‘French’ frisbee.

After French baguettes for lunch, we went outside in the sun and played lots of team-building games – from wooden skis to spider webs and beret catching, we did everything! We then had a game of capture the flag and ‘l’équipe française’ won the games. They were great.


Can they balance the glas of water?

Spider Web

La toile d’araignée – the spider web.

Team-building - spider web

La toile d’araignée – the spider web.

Outdoor Games

A game of speed to catch the beret.

Capture the flag.

Capture du drapeau!

Capture the flag

Capture du drapeau!

After dinner, we had egg-streme games and played lots of mini-challenges to win points. The challenges ranged from giant Kerplunk and human Hungry Hippos to a four-man press-up and cheerio relays. The points bought material to protect their eggs which were then thrown off of the roof by Thomas. Unfortunately none of the eggs survived the fall so no mentors had eggs broken on their heads. We’ll make sure they have to try again later in the week to win egg-breaking prizes.

Egg Games

Egg-streme games – will they protect their eggs?

Hungry Hippos

Human Hungry Hippos

Giant Games

Giant Ker-Plunk – pretty tricky!

Everyone’s now in bed and ready for a full, exciting day tomorrow. We can’t wait! À demain!

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