Our first day at International Camp

With campers arriving yesterday from all over Europe (and even from the USA), everyone was excited to get to camp and get to know one another. We played a lot of team-building games and took part in activities ranging from banana relays and egg tossing to wooden skis and pipe races. The night ended with our egg-streme games, with campers competing in mini challenges which involved a giant game of Kerplunk and Hungry Hippos. It was hilarious! The team’s both won and got the chance t0 break eggs over the heads of some lucky chosen counsellors.

This morning started off with language lessons with groups split into Spanish, French, German, English 1 and English 2. Today’s project was to create a funny trailer for a Hollywood film. Our groups have been very creative and we now have amazing trailers for The Hunger Games, The Titanic and a superhero/Pirates of the Caribbean/Kung Fu Panda remake called ‘Slothman’.

This afternoon we also had archery classes which proved that Bethany and Sandra had a real talent! The girl teams won every time!

Tonight we had casino night where our campers competed to win ‘bubble swords’. From ‘Higher or Lower’ to Taboo, there were games for everyone. Paul was victorious having at least 20 chips more than the others. Well done!

Pipe Challenge

Team-building challenges helped everyone get to know one another.


Banana Olympics were lots of fun but ended in everyone having bananas on their clothes!


Human hungry hippos anyone?


The lucky campers got the chance to ‘egg’ the mentors of their choice. Thanks guys!


Sandra was the star of archery classes!


Bethany and Ruben in costume for their Hunger Games trailer.


Competing to win a bubble sword at Casino night.

English lesson

Writing a film review in English lessons.

An amazing day and we promise all parents that we are taking great care of our campers. They will have an amazing time during the rest of their week with us. We can’t wait!



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