Ayrshire children say ‘bonjour’ to new French friends.

Stewarton families will be welcoming French children into their homes this summer and sharing their language and culture with them. Not only will the French children be learning English, the Scottish children will be taking part in French learning programmes too and will be putting all their previous French learning into practice.

This language exchange programme, led by Articulate Language Camps, brings children together and makes learning a language meaningful. Each morning offers a different themed language lesson which will see the children prepare recipes for traditional food from their country and take part in bilingual pirate treasure hunts. Les crêpes sont délicieuses and the French children will love their first experience of shortbread!

In the afternoons, the children will be visiting some of Ayrshire’s best tourist destinations with the young Ayrshire residents acting as tour guides for their new French friends. The French children will have a really authentic experience taking part in our child friendly Highland Games, experiencing the great Scottish outdoors and even visiting the beach – a rare treat for children living in central, land-locked France!



Articulate’s programme director, Kara Nisbet said, “We are delighted to give Ayrshire’s children this multilingual and multicultural experience. Some children have now been learning French with us for years and can finally put that learning into practice with children their own age.”

Eve, who is 10, and will be taking part in the programme said, “I am so excited a French person will be staying with me, it’s so cool and I can’t wait to play with them.”

Her mother, Suzanne, is equally as delighted with this opportunity, “The children will really have lots of fun and Articulate’s programmes are always first class! Eve has been attending lots of their programmes and really loves learning French with them. This is an amazing opportunity to engage with French speakers her own age that I am sure she will remember for a lifetime.”

The programme will take place from the 7th to the 10th of July and other children can sign up to be part of the summer school. Contact Articulate Language Camps on 07791 698945 for more details.

Our story at a glance:

  • A class of French children will be staying in host families in Stewarton and Dunlop.
  • They will be learning English while the young Ayrshire children will be learning French on a programme run by Articulate Language Camps.
  • They will be visiting Ayrshire’s tourist destinations and experiencing Scottish culture with the help of the young Scots.



Kara Nisbet

07791 698945


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